My name is Simon Dermota and I’m a graphic designer located in Koper, Slovenia.  I’m competent in execution of various projects that range from printing to web design needs.

My passion for graphic design goes back to my young age when I was literally fascinated by everything designed.

I loved to stare at newspaper and magazine headings, admiring curves forming letters and letters forming words.

My friend’s father used to own a VHS rental shop where I was spending hours admiring VHS movie covers that back in time were really astonishing. The palette of colours and geometrical shapes that were used to produce them were just beyond awesome.

I clearly remember how I got myself a copy of Photoshop 7 back in 2003 and spent three hours playing around. I fell in love with Photoshop.

In years that followed I had the possibility to evolve and refine my skills through an enormous number of personal and commissioned projects that taught me how to be a better designer each day.

Through design I have the ability to make a difference and this is what I love to do – creating a personal version of how the world should look.